We make both individual and serial elements. We have numerically controlled five-axis and four-axis machining centers with a horizontal milling axis and three-axis milling machines. The maximum dimension of a workpiece in the case of a five-axis miller is: x-500mm, y-450mm, z-400mm. In the case of four-axis machining, the maximum dimension of a workpiece is: x-1050mm, y-900mm, z-1030mm and in the case of three-axis machining, the maximum dimension of a workpiece is: x-1150mm, y-700mm, z-550mm.


We offer machining of elements on conventional machines, which is applicable in case of unit processing. In addition, we offer CNC machining. The diameter of a turned element of a disc type on a numerical machine can be up to 600mm, in case of shaft elements up to 350mm and length up to 400mm.
We also carry out off-axis drilling and milling operations.


Welding MIG, MAG, TIG. Welding technologies supported by Welding Institute Certification as well as TÜV Certificate. We design and execute welding devices on our own.


We paint using powder and wet method. We make polyurethane, polyamide, PTFE (Teflon), fluoropolymer, epoxy coatings. Surface preparation is carried out based on the sandblasting technology with pure aluminum oxide, which guarantees proper preparation of the surface for painting.


Technical design using the latest software. Our engineers design parts and prepare product documentation, develop 3D models, flat documentation and visualization.
We use the follwing software: Inventor, SolidWorks, SolidEdge.

The product is manufactured with the support of the latest HyperMill software. Thanks to CAM software, we integrate the design and manufacturing phase of the product, which allows us to maintain high quality and precision in a relatively short implementation time.


We carry out assembling and commissioning of machines and devices in the headquarters as well as at the customer’s premises. Machines are made based on our own designs and also based on documentation entrusted by the client. The implementation includes assembling of mechanics, electrics, electronics and software.

Machine Park

Our machine park is equipped with one of the most technologically advanced DMG MORI machines. We run permanent cooperation with DMG MORI in the field of employee training, which allows us to develop our competences and produce high quality products.

Our Machine Park